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Energy Finance & Services

We are addressing the most difficult barriers to accelerate energy access. Our goal is to help establish a viable energy ecosystem that balances the needs of energy consumers with successful private sector business models. Our Energy Services Team provides expert advice and support to governent institutions, investors and communities. Through our  Energy Impact Fund, we provide financing for electricity connections and productive use businesses that drive economic activity and transform lives.


The biggest challenges we're tackling:

  • Advocating and developing new approaches for the effective targeting of energy subsidies for energy access
  • Providing the right information to drive integrated electrification planning and investment decision making through world class data
  • Creating the financial products that enable both local and international financial participation in integrated electrification efforts
  • Streamlining project development though market intelligence, increasing scale of development, and attracting foreign investors
  • Strengthening demand assessment and prediction methods to identify high-opportunity sites for decentralised energy through effective information gathering and on-the-ground intelligence with a heightened focus on high-impact productive use solutions

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