Our Platform

Energy Demand

Our Energy Demand work led by the Applied Energy Lab team is focused on prototyping and scaling up models of productive uses of electricity at the community level. The Lab builds on the work done in markets with similar electrification challenges and adapts concepts for the Myanmar context then tests new approaches

The Applied Energy Lab generates findings through:

  • Communications: Field evidence routinely shared for fact-checking and feedbacks within the network of public
    and private sector stakeholders
  • Prototypes: Concept development and field testing of carefully-chosen models that have the potential to accelerate
    investment and support productive use with the potential for scale
  • Convening: Bring together critical partners to scale up successful prototypes and ensure alignment

Our long term vision for the Applied Energy Lab is to drive identification of scalable models, to build and apply cutting-edge analytical tools to contribute to global knowledge and attract expert partners for scaled development.

Energy Impact Fund

Smart Power Myanmar created the Energy Impact Fund (EIF) to provide low-cost connection financing to consumers and to promote productive uses. The EIF builds on Pact’s experience financing solar home systems (SHS) through the Ahlin Yaung ‘Light’ Fund, which helped individuals in rural communities’ purchase 12,000 SHS. The EIF provides capital at no interest to the customers who can't pay the connection fee upfront. Smart Power Myanmar works with the Village Electrification Committees to facilitate the loans and repayments and strengthens their capacity to manage loan disbursement, collection and management.

To date, the EIF has enabled hundreds of connections and increased connection rates by 35% in rural villages. The EIF has supported dozens of local enterprises such as rice hullers, welding and carpentry workshops, ice machines and other businesses that drive economic activity communities and promote opportunity.

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